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“Green Fest” Offers Affordable Ways to Help the Environment

At “Green Fest” this Saturday in Springfield, you’ll find affordable and simple ways to help the environment. KSMU’s Adam Murphy reports.

The Springfield-Greene County Park Board and the Greater Ozarks Audubon Society are hosting the event Saturday from 1-4 p.m., off Sunset Street between Campbell and National avenues.

“Green Fest” will include exhibits from City Utilities, and non profit environmental and recycling groups. These organizations will show visitors the latest in green technology, and affordable ways to help the environment. Sue Schuble is a member of the Great Ozarks Audubon Society.

“We’re hoping that they might pick up a few ideas of things that are simple and not real expense, that they can do their part to help our environment, and to become a little bit more green conscious”, Schuble said.

“Green Fest” will feature music, concessions, and prizes including a rain barrel and native plant garden. There will be many activities for kids, and families can also head down the South Creek Greenway to visit the Master Gardeners “Young Sprouts in the Garden” event at Nathaniel Greene/Close Memorial Park from 9am-2pm.

“Green Fest” Parking will be available off Sunset Street. Visit www.greaterozarksaudubon.org for more information.

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