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2005 Springfield Traffic Crash Report Card Shows Fewer Crashes

The City of Springfield's 2005 year-end Traffic Crash Report Card shows a milestone year in the number of traffic crashes for 2005. KSMU's Christy Hendricks reports.

2005 marked the first year the City of Springfield had fewer than eight-thousand traffic crashes in eight years.

The City of Springfield recently released its year-end Traffic Crash Report Card for 2005.

Earl Newman is the assistant director of Public Works for the City of Springfield.

He says the two-percent reduction in the number of crashes from 2004 shows that efforts from various city departments were successful.

Newman says new traffic signals, education programs, and reconstruction of major intersections helped to increase traffic safety.

He says there are four main causes of traffic crashes.

34-percent of the almost eight-thousand traffic crashes reported listed inattention as a contributing factor.

Deborah Biggs, the executive director of the Safety Council of the Ozarks, has some common sense tips to eliminate distractions while driving.

The 2005 Crash Report Card also states that there were 330 fewer injury crashes than in 2004.

According to statistics from the National Safety Council, the decrease accounts for savings of more than 16-million dollars for Springfield drivers.

Deborah Biggs says this savings could have an affect on insurance and health care costs.

To view the 2005 Traffic Crash Report Card and monthly traffic reports visit www.springfieldmogov.org and click on the Public Works link.