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After 25 years, Watershed Committee Still Educating Public

The Watershed Committee of the Ozarks is celebrating its 25th year of service in September.KSMU’s Erika Brame went to Valley Water Mill Park to learn more about how the organization tries to educate the public about water conservation in the Ozarks.

Mike Kromrey is the education outreach coordinator for the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks and he is getting ready to teach some YMCA kids about water conservation.Today, they’re at the Valley Water Mill Park.Kromrey says the committee works with school children to teach them about the water cycle and how to keep the waterways clean.He says bringing kids out to this water site really gets them thrilled about nature.

“Oh yeah, it’s great to have the privilege of bringing kids out here because we’re teaching about water but we’re teaching in this great place where they get to experience nature. And you never really know what’s going to light them up. Like last week there were baby toads all over the place and that was just so exciting and Japanese beetles were exciting especially when they figured out the fish would eat them,” he said.He says he teaches kids about how they can conserve water at home.

“We have a diverse audience that we teach to. We always say from kindergarten to engineers. And there’s a diverse range of things people need to know about water. When you’re a kid it’s things like turning off the tap when you brush your teeth not wasting water,” he said.

Kromrey says he also works with engineers on rainwater run-off and sewage systems. He says keeping the water safe and clean is the only way to ensure we’ll all have water to enjoy in the future.For KSMU News, I’m Erika Brame.

photo credit: alex crowder photo credit: alex crowder photo credit: alex crowder photo credit: alex crowder photo credit: alex crowder photo credit: alex crowder Fassnight Creek photo credit: James Mulvenon