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Arts in Action: The 10 Weeks Festival

The Arts Programming Sustainability Initiative (APSI), an effort led by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, will announce the total raised from "Arts in Action: The 10 Weeks Festival" at a ceremony Wednesday June 3rd at the Creamery Arts Center. At that time a check for the "Care to Learn" Fund will be presented to founder Doug Pitt. The 10 Weeks Festival highlighted more than 100 arts events and performances in Springfield to raise money for both "Care to Learn" and the "Arts in Education" Fund. Monies raised will be split evenly between the two funds. "Care to Learn" is matched 4 to 1. Total funds raised, by patrons of various local arts events donating a dollar or more over the past 10 weeks, have surpassed the $10,000 goal. For more information about Arts in Action: The 10 Weeks Festival, visit www.the10weeks.com or call Springfield Regional Arts Council at 862-ARTS (2787).