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The Battle of Wilson's Creek To Be Remembered

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek, a famous Civil War battle fought just outside of Springfield, will be remembered this Saturday. People will be provided with a visual example of how many soldiers gave their life for the North and the South during this battle. KSMU’s Katie Easley has a preview of this event.

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek was fought in 1861 and some people want to make sure the soldiers are not forgotten.

“The primary purpose is to allow people to understand what 2539 soldiers are. And when you mention that number to people, people sometimes don’t get a handle around how many bodies that is,” says Hillmer.

That’s Ted Hillmer, Superintendent for Wilson’s Creek Battlefield. He says one luminary candle for each soldier who lots his life or was wounded in combat will be placed along a five mile road that goes through the park.

“When they see a candle on the tour road and they see that for five miles continuous sometimes it registers like, wow, that is a lot of people and they gave their lives for their cause,” says Hillmer.

The luminary driving tour will be open from 5 until 9:30 and is free of charge. Guests will also be greeted at the historic Ray’s house by carolers and decorations similar to those that were used in 1861.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.