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Blood Supplies are Low at the CBCO

There's a need for blood donors, especially those with type O blood, in Southwest Missouri. KSMU's Michele Skalicky has more...

The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks needs your help to replenish the blood supply.

There's less than a two-day supply of certain types on the CBCO's shelves. David Montgomery is senior director of donor recruitment at the CBCO...

"Right now we are at a code yellow alert for type O donations, and that's both positive and negative. Other types are needed, and we certainly want to encourage those donors to respond, but, in particular, type O blood is in less than a two-day supply."

As of Wednesday morning, reserves of O+ were at around 20% of optimal levels, while supplies of O- were at around 75%.

Montgomery blames the low supply on the time of year...

"Unfortunately, summertime does tend to be a time of year that many of our donors get caught up in all of the activities this time of year in particular--vacations and the back-to-school season distracts donors just enough to get them out of their routine."

Montgomery expects, with school starting back up in Springfield and other communities next week and others already in session, the low blood supply will be a short-term problem...

"We are certainly hoping that as school begins to get into session that, not only will we get the boost as people get back into their routines and hopefully include the habit of giving blood, but also the schools themselves represent about 25% of our blood supply during the academic year, so their going to make a big difference in helping to get us back on track."

But you can make a difference by donating now. The CBCO has two locations in Springfield: 2230 S. Glenstone and 220 W. Plainview Rd., in Joplin at the Northpark Mall and in Springdale, Arkansas at 3503 S. Thompson.

For more information, call the CBCO at 227-5000 or visit www.cbco.org.