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Broadway Veterans--and MSU Theatre & Dance Alums--to Teach Master Class at Little Theatre

Missouri State Theatre and Dance alums--and Broadway veterans--Deidre Goodwin and Michelle Potterf return to Springfield early in January to teach a Broadway dance master class for Springfield Little Theatre. KSMU's Randy Stewart talked about it with Deidre Goodwin.

RANDY: Deidre Goodwin majored in dance and electronic media at MSU, graduating in 1996. She's appeared as a dancer in eight Broadway shows including Chicago, A Chorus Line, Nine, and The Boys from Syracuse. She was also in the film version of Chicago. She and Michelle Potterf both teach at the new Musical Theater Conservatory at the New York Film Academy.

DEIDRE: After performing for so many years, for different occasions it would come up where you were to teach workshops or master classes for people, through other organizations, this, that and the other, and I really enjoyed it. And recently I've been doing more at different colleges, and we've decided to start doing our own workshops. And then it was just by luck, chance, coincidence, that we were already scheduled to come down for the Missouri Thespians Festival for teens and children, to teach with them. And we heard the Landers was doing Chicago in the spring, so we were like, "We're there, we were both on Broadway in Chicago, and I was in the film. It would be kind of silly not to offer the knowledge we've learned, to help people out so they can experience that and maybe help them with their audition, or just have a chance to try it out.

RANDY: Deidre Goodwin and Michelle Potterf will preside over a one-day master class at the Landers Theatre in Springfield on Saturday January 8, concentrating on two big musical numbers from Chicago: "All That Jazz," which utilizes Bob Fosse's original choreography; and the "Cellblock Tango" number from the film version, which is choreographed in the style of Fosse.

DEIDRE: Some of the things that people will recognize: the Fosse arms that wave... as opposed to being turned out, as a ballerina would be, a lot of Fosse movement is turned in, almost knock-kneed. And we'll show how to make that look appealing as opposed to a little silly(!), which it can look of you're not in the right position. Also, to help people understand that, for some of his choreography it looks like you're not doing anything--but it's actually some of the hardest choreography you'll do. This will just be a sampler--there's no way you can learn everything in two 2-hour workshops--but definitely be introduced to it.

RANDY: The workshop is open to students age 16 and up, and they say proper dancewear and shoes will be required. For more information visit www.springfieldlittletheatre.org/audition/chicago-auditions/chicago-masterclass/ or contact Lorianne Dunn at Little Theatre, at 869-3869. Again the date is Saturday January 8th starting at noon, and then from 5 to 6pm there will be a question-and-answer session with Deidre Goodwin and Michelle Potterf.

DEIDRE: Come on ot and have a good time and dance. And if they haven't been dancing for a while but have danced before, come on out--we'll be nice, and you'll have a lot of fun.

RANDY: You won't be too hard on them!

DEIDRE: Oh no, not at all (laughs).