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Bronze Stutue Depicts SMSU Public Affairs Mission.

A new statue depicting the SMSU public affairs mission was placed in front of Strong Hall Thursday, March 24th. Mike Smith has the story.

The 17 foot 3800 pound statue titled "Citizen Scholar", shows a graduate dressed in cap and gown standing on the steps of a pedestal, gazing at the globe she holds over her head.

SMS President John Keiser says the statue is a long lasting symbol of the Public Affirs Mission which was signed into law in 1995 by then Governor Mel Carnahan. Carnahan signed the bill at a ceremony in front of Strong Hall just a few yards from where the statue stands.

Jim Hill is Chair of the Art Department at Salisbury University and former Art Department Chair at SMSU. The "Citizen Scholar" is his sculpture. His daughter Emily, a graduate of SMSU, was the model for the work. Hill sees the figure as having "the world in her hands".

The idea for the statue came from SMS students who proposed funding its placement through the Wyrick Commission.

The proposal did not survive the democratic process by which the Wyrick Commission awards such funds and instead was funded by long time SMS supporters John Strong and Bill Darr.

For KSMU News, I'm Mike Smith.