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Bruce West photography exhibit at Springfield Art Museum

“Bruce West: Spiritual Advisor to the World” continues at the Springfield Art Museum through January 17. It features 40 photographs by Bruce West, Missouri State University Art and Design Professor, as he traveled during the last 15 years to Vicksburg, Mississippi to document the spiritual and creative life of Reverend H.D. Dennis. Dennis, a self-proclaimed preacher, has converted his wife's grocery store into his very own unique non-denominational church, vibrantly embellished with Mardi Gras beads, hubcaps, plastic flowers, Christmas lights, stuffed animals and various found objects. Bruce West calls his photographic exhibit "a meditation on creativity, the process of growing older, and the rigors, torments and joys of the life of an ascetic." The Art Museum is located at 1111 E. Brookside Drive near Phelps Grove Park. Call 837-5700 for information.