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Campaign Race for Missouri State Representative for the 138th District: Sara Lampe

Election Day is 48 days away and one Springfield woman is working hard to keep her seat as State Representative for Missouri's 138th District. KSMU's Kristian Kriner sat down with Democrat Sara Lampe and discussed the issues she's campaigning on this time around.

With papers scattered across the table and a smiling face ready to talk politics, Sara Lampe says she is ready to get to work.

Lampe is the current Missouri State Representative for the 138th District and up against Republican candidate Michael Goodart for re-election.

She considers herself a local girl, born and raised in Cassville, Missouri, and attended Southwest Missouri State University, now MSU.

Lampe was an elementary school teacher, a principal and now teaches at Drury University, where she has been teaching for 26 years.

Being an educator has led Lampe to speak out as much as possible for the sake of public education.

Lampe says education is the issue she pushes the most because she says the best thing people can do is invest in children.

"If we invest in children we're investing in the next generation, we're investing our the community, we're investing in that person who going to come take care of me when I'm in my home, we're investing in the person who's going to make change at the grocery store, we're investing in the person who is going to make the road safe when we have an ice storm. We're investing in our community and the best place we can to that is with boys and girls through public education," Lampe said.

She says there are 541 school districts in Missouri and each of them needs more money.

Lampe says tax money needs to be shifted to these schools, so children can receive quality education.

The mother of three grown sons says more scholarship opportunities need to be given to middle income students who want to pursue higher education.

Another issue Lampe is pushing is healthcare for low income families, and also for people with disabilities.

Lampe says she wants to put people back on Medicaid that have been cut in recent years.

"When we have folks that cannot get a wheelchair, cannot get the battery for the wheelchair. We know we have this huge disabled community that worked prior to the Medicaid cuts and they worked and they felt good about that opportunity to work and now they are unable to work in order to continue to keep their healthcare. That's wrong. Folks need to work if they want to work and we need to help support that," Lampe said.

She says she also wants to help people get good in-home healthcare.

Lampe also wants to address several other issues such as transportation, identity theft and preschool safety.

She says if she wins this election and starts her third term, she'll continue to be a strong voice for the people.

"I am an advocate for the individual that can't have that voice on their own and I'm passionate about that. I have years of experience that bring to the table true life experiences that I've met the people, I've worked with the people and I know the things they need," Lampe said.

Lampe is on the Democratic ticket in the November 4th election.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.