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CBCO Blood Supply Low as Pint for Pint Blood Drive Begins

Logo Courtesy of CBCO

CBCO spokesman Chris Pilgrim says the blood center has been scrambling all summer to meet the needs of area patients.  And a blood shortage continues.

"Currently we're on a code yellow alert for some of our more common blood types--A positive and O positive, you know, those two make up about 70 percent of the donor population, but we're on a code yellow.  We've got less than a two-day supply of those along with A negative and O negative, but suffice it to say that this summer has been a rough one for us, and any donation at any time would certainly help," he said.

Pilgrim hopes the Pint for a Pint Blood drive, taking place through Saturday, at both the Reser (REE-sur) Donor Center, 2230 S. Glenstone and at the Campbell Donor Center, 220 W. Plainview Rd. will help bring the blood supply back up.

"We'll be offering donors a trade.  You give us a pint of your blood and we'll give you a coupon for a free beer or root beer hand-crafted from Springfield Brewing Company and also a pint of Blue Bell ice cream to take with you after your donation," he said.

Pilgrim expects the start of classes at area high schools and colleges to help turn the shortage around.

The CBCO provides all of the blood and blood products to 38 area hospitals.

More information is at cbco.org.

For KSMU News, I’m Michele Skalicky.