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Chief Justice Calls for Better Pay for Judges and Court Personnel

In a speech to the Missouri General Assembly, the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court Justice called for higher salaries for court personnel and judges. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Wolff asked lawmakers to consider raising the pay of court personnel and judges in his State of the Judiciary Address.

And Wolff argues the marketplace and the salary expectations that go along with it discourage lawyers from applying for openings on the bench.

He says the judicial system will suffer if its unable to attract large pools of quality applicants.

The Chief Justice's argument for higher salaries did not convince Governor Matt Blunt.

Blunt says other state workers should receive salary boosts.

Blunt says people who run for office or apply for the bench realize they potentially are giving up more lucrative opportunities in order to serve the public.

Some Senate Republicans were more receptive to the Chief Justice's call for higher salaries for judges.

Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons.

The chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Chuck Gross agrees with Gibbons and Wolff.

He says lawmakers ought to consider looking at the salaries of elected officials and judges.

In addition to calling for higher salaries for judges, Chief Justice Michael Wolff asked lawmakers to raise the pay of deputy clerks...

This session, lawmakers will consider the governor's call for a 4 percent pay increase for state workers, a recommendation that includes all state workers but excludes elected officials and judges.