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Children and Infant Tylenol Recalled

A major pharmaceutical company has announced it’s recalling 21 of its Tylenol products for children and infants. KSMU’s Katie Easley has this report

McNeil Consumer Healthcare’s website says it detected bacteria in a portion of raw material from the children and infant Tylenol it manufactured between April and June of 2008. The site says no bacteria have been detected in any finished products. KSMU called the Customer Care Hotline for more information but was unable to get through.

“We are sorry that we can not take your call at this time. We are experiencing an overwhelming call line and apologize for the inconvenience,” says McNeals customer care hotline.

Local Walgreens and CVS pharmacies told us they just pulled the products off their shelves this past weekend. Randy Bass, spokesman for Taylor Health and Wellness Center on the MSU campus, says even though the products being recalled were made over a year ago, it’s possible for people to have recently purchased them.

“Someone that is ordering truck loads of it, you know one of the big chain stores, they might have warehoused a large amount of it and they might still have some warehoused. That’s the main thing is they pull it from there,” says Bass.

He says his pharmacy doesn’t have any of the recalled products. Neither does Jordan Valley Community Health Center’s pharmacy but spokesman Jim Weissler says they, too, were informed of the recall by McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

“Every pharmacy received notifications and with our improved communications that we now have we are instantaneously informed of these recalls and the lot numbers. I feel you can feel very safe knowing that these security processes are in place,” says Weissler.

You can find the lot numbers of the recalled products on a link from our website: www.KSMU.org. McNeil’s website also suggests contacting your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or if you think you may have used any of the recalled medicine.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare