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Chuck Purgason Considers Running for US Senate

A state senator from south-central Missouri announced on Wednesday that he’s exploring the possibility of running for the US Senate next year. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore caught up with him by phone, and has this report.

Chuck Purgason, a Republican, says he’s setting up a Senate exploratory committee to see if his fellow Missourians are as frustrated about federal debt and spending as he is.

Purgason said people are starving for leaders to tell them the truth, and for leadership on the issue of debt and spending. He says the federal government is “totally out of control” when it comes to spending, and that Americans risk passing on a “tremendous problem to our children and grandchildren.”

He says his Senate exploratory committee is looking into the financial aspects of a potential Senate bid. But he also says he’s interested in getting the “silent majority” of voters involved in the process. He said the first step for Americans to confront the country’s debt is to admit that the country is “broke.”

Purgason has made his mark—and raised some noise—by insisting on wearing his cowboy boots and western bolero-tie on the House and Senate floors. He says he will continue to do so by being true to himself and his values even if he works in Washington, D.C.

The US Senate seat that will be vacated by Kit Bond in 2010. Purgason represents Howell, Camden, Laclede, Oregon, Shannon, Texas and Wright counties in south-central Missouri.

Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is also running for the Senate seat.Purgason has created a web site through which he invites Missourians to contact him and share their views. The web address is: www.keepyourchange2010.org.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.