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Church Holds 'Housewarming' Registry for Joplin Tornado Victims

It’s been months since the devastating tornado tore through Joplin, changing the lives of thousands of people. As time passes it’s easy for those that were unaffected to forget the hardships others are still having to endure. Springfield’s Second Baptist Church is doing its part to ensure Joplin families are not being forgotten.  KSMU’s Justin Lux has the details.

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Inside the Target off Glenstone, there’s a registry desk to the right as soon as you walk in the door.  A few strokes on the keyboard and a click of the mouse and you can quickly see what the victims of Joplin are really hurting for.

Second Baptist Church has hosted its fair share of weddings, so maybe it’s only fitting they’d attack the issues facing Joplin in a similar manner.

 “It is exactly like a wedding registry.”

 Kaila Hedger is the Missions Associate at Second Baptist Church.

 “We have gone and we have registered like that and so you will just go up to the store and say I’m with Second Baptist and they will print you out the items that are needed and then you can look on the item list and see what you would like to bring," Hedger explains.

Items can be purchased up until Sunday. Second Baptist Church asks that you bring your purchases to their church on 3111 East Battlefield where they will pack a truckload of items to bring to Joplin families.

“We have set up a registry at Kohl’s, at Walmart, at Target, at Bed Bath & Beyond and at JC Penny Home Center for our church members and those in the community to go in and actually look at the registry of what the people in Joplin are needing,” she says.

 The extensive list can be viewed at any of the five places where the Joplin Housewarming Shower is registered, but Hedger says some of the items are pretty basic.

“Pots and pans, new ones…they’re asking for all new products, but pots and pans, bedding, sheets and that type of thing,” says Hedger.

The House Warming Shower is being held by the Second Baptist Church, as well as the Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin as part of Mission Joplin.

If you’d like more information, contact the church at 887-3111, extension 132.

For KSMU News, I’m Justin Lux.