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Citizens for Clean Energy Speak About Energy Study

A study released by City Utilities last month recommends programs the city can implement to reduce energy demand. Recently, KSMU talked with C-U about the study and now hears what Citizens for Clean Energy has to say. KSMU's Christy Hendricks Reports.

City Utilities released a study last month that shows the city could reduce energy demand through an expanded energy management program and conservation.

Frontier Associates along with Austin Energy conducted the study.

The study recommended residential and commercial programs that could reduce demand including more efficient lighting, insulation, and green building.

Recently, KSMU talked with City Utilities about the study.

The group Citizens for Clean Energy had its own take on the study.

Donna Bergen is a member of the group.

She says the study offers good short terms solutions, but fails to offer solutions for long term energy conservation.

She recommends adding time use and load shifting programs to help conserve.

One long term program Bergen recommends is load shifting which is turning off the air conditioning compressor for a few minutes at a time during peak hours.

Donna Bergen says the public needs to be educated in conservation measures and recommends using a combination of energy conserving programs.

Next month, Springfield voters will decide on whether or not to allow City Utilities to build a coal-fired power plant. Bergen and others with Citizens for Clean Energy contend that through conservation, C-U could reduce demand and the need for another coal plant.