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City Considers Further Budget Cuts

Springfield is considering further budget cuts to make up for a first-quarter deficit of about $1 million for the City's new fiscal year. KSMU’s Theresa Carter spoke with city officials and files this report.


The shortfall is partially due to an almost 10 percent decline in sales tax revenue.

City manager Greg Burris outlined Tuesday, his recommendations for where to cut.

Those recommendations include two furlough days for senior managers and supervisors, freezing most out-of-state travel, doing away with after-hour meetings, and reducing the hours of cleaning municipal buildings.

Louise Whall, spokesperson for the city, explains where the proposed cuts would hit hardest.

"The Planning Department was hard hit, and would be reorganizing. Four positions and one office would be eliminated, re-assigning duties to other areas. "

Currently, there are already 31 police positions and 18 fire positions which are not filled due to a hiring freeze. Whall stresses that no additional positions are scheduled to be cut from the police or fire departments.

"The city manager is made an effort to try to hold police and fire departments as harmless as possible, in terms of staffing levels, as there are no plans to cut positions. Plans to make up the shortfall will come from cuts in supplies, equipment, services, and that kind of thing."

City Council plans to meet October 12th on the budget adjustment.

For KSMU News, I’m Theresa Carter.