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City Council May Turn Springfield Buildings Green

Springfield may soon be seeing more green buildings.

City Council introduced a bill last night to give tax breaks to those builders for whom the environment is a priority.

KSMU's Erika Brame was at last night's meeting and files this report.

The planning and developing committee spoke to city council about a new bill to offer tax breaks to qualifying businesses.

The tax breaks are only offered through a green building program called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, also known as LEED.

To be "LEED certified," the builder must pay for the certification.

To be certified, a business must meet certain criteria of environmentally-friendly construction and operation.

Under this bill the business would receive % 75 tax abatement for ten years if it is LEED certified.

Matt Shaffer, a member of the planning and developing committee, outlined some of the requirements for businesses.

"A qualified business sector. Yeah it's targeted toward manufacturing, mining, warehouse and distribution, whole sale trade, process and material recovery for whole sale trade, and any other business enterprise that creates and maintains a least fifty or more full-time jobs."

City Council will vote on this bill in two weeks.

For KSMU News, I'm Erika Brame.