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City Manager Finailits Lay Out Plans for Springfield

Three finalists for Springfield City Manager meet with reporters Sunday night.

Each candidate talked about what he would bring to the city of Springfield.

KSMU's Erika Brame has more.

The new city manager will face heavy duties such as shoring up the police pension plan and overseeing the downtown reconstruction of Park Central Square.

At a press conference Sunday night each candidate laid out his thoughts and plans for the city's future.

Larry Stevens is the City Manager of Edmond, Okalahoma.

He says his city began a strategic plan for its budget management by working with staff which then translated to city council.

"It's about a four page document that outlines their both long and short term goals. And what we try to do is get a synergy between the city council plan and the staff plan.

Kent Myers is the City Manager of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

He says that his city like Springfield faced downtown redevelopment issues.

"A lot of our downtown area has already completed the redevelopment, but it required a public-private partnership that was often times controversial."

Greg Burris is Vice President for Administrative and Information Services at Missouri State University.

He says he wants to bring in a diverse group of staff members.

"That's one of my mantras. Bring in people that are not yes men or yes women. But bring in people with diverse opinions, diverse thinking styles, and you'll probably end up with better discussions in the long run as well as the community buy in."

All of the candidates will meet with city council during the week for closed session interviews.

There's an Ice Cream Social running tonight where the public can meet the candidates.

It will be held at Phelps Grove Park pavilion from 5:45 to 7p.m.

For more information about the City Manager Finalists you can call Mayor Pro Temp Gary Deaver at 866-6463.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.