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City Utilities Bus Trip

City Utilities reports that the number of bus riders last month was the highest number in recent history.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff went to the downtown bus station to take a look at what C-U is doing with the extra people.

When those bus doors swoop open, you had better be ready to go because City Utility bus drivers have tight schedules to keep.

This has been especially true as of late, with C-U experiencing a huge increase in the amount of people walking through those bus doors.

Carol Cruise is the Director of Transit for City Utilities.

She says CU has seen a jump in riders each month when compared to last year.

And Cruise says looking back, it's easy to spot when the jump in riders began.

However, the increase in riders has caused C-U to change how it handle some of its routes.

Cruise says that C-U constantly tweaks the routes to accommodate as many people as possible.

But, she says in the past year, there have been more changes than usual.

Even with the changes, many of C-U's patrons aren't complaining.

Richard Moorler was born and raised in Springfield and started taking the bus about 10 years ago.

And, while he was waiting to catch a bus Friday afternoon, I asked him why he keeps using the C-U bus system after all these years.

Timothy Coram, one of C-U's drivers, says even though the interaction between the driver and the passenger is brief it's still a special one.

But, while things are going good in the here and now for C-U and the bus system, Carol Cruise is working on a long range plan that will keep C-U looking to the future.

Some major changes may also be in store for C-U and the bus system.

Cruise mentioned that the downtown bus station may change locations to a bigger area to accommodate the increase in use.

She also said new buses that would be longer, also allowing for more passengers, might be on their way.

C-U hopes both changes will make it easier for you to catch your bus.