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City Utilities Holds Public Meeting

Federal regulation is requiring utility companies around the nation to self evaluate their energy conservation and efficiency plans.

On Tuesday, Springfield City Utilities held a public hearing to discuss what its doing to comply.

While no one from the public showed up, KSMU's Matt Petcoff attended the meeting...

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 updates federal regulation that was first enacted in the late 1970's.

This act requires utility companies to look at their energy conservation and efficiency policies and then choose whether or not they'll abide by federal standards.

John Twitty is the General Manager for Springfield City Utilities.

He says not much has changed from the original regulation, but this does give C-U a chance to self-evaluate.

C-U officials gave report on five separate areas, including the use of alternative power sources and net metering, or compensation for self-generating customers.

The one area not recommended by staff members for compliance is the offering of time-based metering to smaller-phase customers.

This recommendation was based on customers not benefiting enough from the program to install it at this time.

Finally, a report was given on the status of Southwest Power Station Unit 2.

When completed, it is slated to be the most efficient unit in C-U's fleet and C-U officials say it will be one of the cleanest coal fired plants in the country.