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City Utilities Update

As of 5:30PM Wednesday, January 17, 23,000 customers of City Utilities of Springfield were still without power. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Shelton: 23,000 customers of City Utilities of Springfield and Greene County are still without power. Joining me to talk about this is CU spokesman Ernie De Camp. I understand we're at a point where we're not going to see those large numbers of customers coming back on and getting power at the same time.

De Camp: We're at the point where we have the main feeders restored but the laterals that involve residential neighborhoods with trees down...The laterals circuits are just going to take a lot of time, a lot of tree trimming, a lot of line work in there. You can work all day and get maybe forty or fifty people on using maybe ten to twenty crew members. It's very slow. And then you get down to working all these hours and just get one or two customers on.

Shelton: I had a listener call in, wanting to know why CU can't say where it has crews on specific days.

De Camp: It can change from minute to minute. In the morning, we send them out and we know where they're going but even when they get out there, they could be dispatched to another area because of a pressing need. And it's so hard to define the area that they're going to be working. They're working on circuits and the public doesn't know our circuits. And these are not square blocks and explaining that is time consuming.