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City Utilities wants Public Input on Trees

Springfield City Utilities wants customer input concerning changes in its tree-trimming procedures. KSMU's Megan Keathley has the story.

In the year following the Springfield Ice Storm, City Utilities has been developing and improving techniques used in tree management. Controversy has surfaced as to how much city workers should cut certain, sometimes historic, trees Marketing and Communications director Mark Viguet says that CU strives to find a balance between doing what's best for both the trees and Springfield citizens.

Representatives from the Electric Transmission and the Tree Management branches of City Utilities will be on hand at two open meetings Monday and Tuesday night. Viguet says they will share information on the current tree management guidelines, and then open up the floor for questions and suggestions.

The public input meetings will be held at the Library Station today (Monday) and the Library Center on Tuesday, from 6 to 7:30 PM. Viguet says that these forums are a follow-up to the events of last year's ice storm, and that community input is crucial in the effort to effectively manage trees in Springfield.

For a list of answers to frequently-asked questions about tree-trimming, we have a link at KSMU dot org.


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