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Congressman Blunt Discusses Energy and Communication Needs With Southwest Missouri Law Enforcement

Missouri's Republican U.S. Representative Roy Blunt met with members of southwest Missouri law enforcement branches today to discuss their needs for the future. KSMU's Brett Moser reports.

In the meeting room of the Springfield Police Department, the common topics of concern heard by the police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and highway patrol officers in attendance were similar across the board: energy, communication, and technology.

Blunt said rising fuel prices make it more expensive to run an entire fleet of vehicles, leaving less funds for other departmental needs.

The Congressman said using police departments to test alternative fuel sources is a potential way to alleviate costs.

In the realm of technology, Blunt says there is a need for local law enforcement to handle information on computers seized as evidence. Officers say it takes time for this type of evidence to be processed, often leaving cases open for prolonged periods.

Blunt added that establishing and strengthening a communication network between local and state departments is a priority.

For KSMU, I'm Brett Moser.