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Construction on Field House for Cave Begins

This morning (July 25), Greene County officials broke ground on the site where a new field house will be constructed near Riverbluff Cave. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

The cave, located in Southwest Greene County, has taken on international significance as the oldest Ice Age cave in North America.

Scientists who have been working in the cave say the field house will give them much-needed laboratory space.

Matt Forir is a naturalist for the Springfield-Greene County Park Board.

Right now, the only way for the public to learn about Riverbluff Cave is through a website that features photographs and background information on the cave and its fossils.

Forir says the field house will provide a place to put on public display some of the geological treasures from Riverbluff Cave.

The field house is only one part of a plan to bring the cave to the public.

Forir says work is underway to get fiber optics into the cave, which will allow scientists to bring even more information to the cave's website.

Funding for the field house comes from the Springfield-Greene County Park Board and several contractors and subcontractors are donating materials.