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Council: Smoking Ban Repeal Will be Left to Voters

City Council has decided not to amend the smoking ban ordinance, but rather to allow the decision to head back to voters.  KSMU’s Matthew Barnes was at Monday night's council meeting and has this report.

City Council, in a 5 to 4 vote, decided not to repeal or amend the smoking ordinance. The vote came about after the group Live Free Springfield brought forth an initiative petition to strike down the smoking ordinance completely. 

If council would have voted to amend the ordinance, then council members would have been able to include exceptions for specialty shops selling tobacco and electronic cigarettes. According to council member Cindy Rushefsky, that decision should be left to the public.

“It seems patently illogical to me to match up 2,100 signatures of people who may or may not vote and say that they trump the actual votes of 1,100 people...that makes no sense at all. And it makes absolutely no sense for five of use to decide that issue,” says Rushefsky.

The vote on whether to repeal the city-wide smoking ban will be placed on the June 5th ballot.

For KSMU News I’m Matthew Barnes.