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CoxHealth Expands With a Focus on Orthopedic Care

In the future, those seeking orthopedic treatment at Cox hospitals in Springfield may have a more seamless experience. On Tuesday, CoxHealth officials announced plans to build a new center that will house the hospital's orthopedic department. KSMU's Benjamin Fry reports.
A new addition is on its way to Cox hospitals in Springfield.Cox officials have announced that the Meyer Orthopedic Center will be built on the Walnut Lawn campus.To help fund the project, $1.5 million has been donated by Jane and Kenneth Meyer, for whom the current Cox Meyer Wellness and Rehabilitation Center is named.Lisa Alexander is the president of the CoxHealth Foundation.She says the current demand for orthopedic care at Cox cannot be ignored."Right now, between 25% and 30% of the people that come to Cox are coming there for orthopedic services," Alexander said.Orthopedic facilities currently at the Cox South campus will be moving down the street to the new Meyer Orthopedic Center.Alexander says this will make the treatment experience smoother for those seeking orthopedic care."A person who receives orthopedic surgery is also going to need rehabilitative care, so now they can get their surgery at the Meyer Orthopedic Center and then be taken right next door to the Meyer Wellness and Rehabilitation Center for the rehab care," Alexander said.In turn, the freed-up space at the Cox South campus will be used for other surgical facilities Alexander says the hospital needs.The Meyer Orthopedic Center is just one step in a process of expansion; Cox has already broken ground on another building."I'm here at Cox's Walnut Lawn campus, where the groundwork is being laid for a new ambulatory surgical center. This building will also house medical offices as well as other services including the diabetes center and center for internal medicine""That ground is already broken because we need to be able to move those surgical services before we can begin the construction for the orthopedic center," Alexander said.Alexander says construction on the new Meyer Orthopedic Center is expected to begin December 8th. For KSMU news, I'm Benjamin Fry.