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Crime Lab Bid Runs Out as State Funding Falls Through

On Monday, the bid expires on the statewide crime lab for Springfield. It's a pressing situation since lawmakers end their regular session today and Springfield area legislators acknowledge that funding for the crime lab is dead. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

On the one hand, you've got the expiration of the bid on Monday. On the other hand, there's the reality that there will be no state funding for the crime lab this session. The funding, a total of 1 point 9 million dollars was part of a bill that died for reasons unrelated to the crime lab.

Springfield Republican Representative Bob Dixon explains what the consequences of this situation will be.

And Dixon says there's another reason to be concerned about the delay.

Dixon declined to disclose details about what other arrangements could be in the works.

Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore was at the capitol Thursday. He says there's a need to get going on the renovation of the crime lab's future home.

Moore says he doesn't believe lawmakers from areas outside southwest Missouri understood the benefits of a state investment in the crime lab.

During a brief exchange outside the House chamber Thursday night, House Speaker Rod Jetton apologized to Moore for the failure of the crime lab funding and assured Moore the failure of the bill containing the funding had nothing to do with the lab.