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Democrat Kicks Off State Senate Campaign

Today (Monday), former state representative Doug Harpool kicked off his campaign for the state senate by unveiling an ethics proposal that would tighten controls on campaign finance. Harpool is running for a chance to represent Springfield in the senate. The incumbent is Republican Senator Norma Champion. KSMU's Missy Shelton has this report on today's announcement from Democrat Doug Harpool.

Doug Harpool is an attorney, a former state representative and a former Parkview High School debate champion.

Harpool chose to formally announce his candidacy for the state senate during a news conference at Springifeld's Parkview High School with members of the current debate team looking on.

Harpool's opponent is the incumbent Republican Senator Norma Champion.

At the news conference, Harpool announced a proposal he calls The Return to Public Service initiative.

He says right now, lawmakers are unable to pursue the public interest because they are too concerned about special interests.

His plan calls for an end to the ability of governors to award fee office contracts to political contributors, something done by governors of both political parties.

His plan also calls for reinstating campaign contribution limits.

During this past legislative session, lawmakers adopted an amendment from a Democratic senator that did away with the limits and the bill that contains the amendment is awaiting the governor's signature.

Supporters of doing away with campaign contribution limits say the current system makes it difficult to track who is giving how much money to which candidates.

Harpool says it's possible to keep contribution limits while making contributions more transparent.

Harpool's ethics proposal also would prohibit candidates from raising money one month before an election and would prevent candidates from carrying money forward from election to election.