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Department of Insurance Suggests Residents with Storm Damage to Act Fast and Watch Out for Scams

After 17 tornados ripped through the Ozarks last Friday morning, many residents’ homes, cars, and other possessions were damaged or destroyed. The Missouri Department of Insurance warns consumers who need repairs to beware of scams. KSMU’s Matt Evans reports.

The storms of May 8th left many residents with damaged property. The Department of Insurance says step one is contact your insurance agent; step two, look out for scams. If someone offers to help get you more money through your insurance, it could be a public adjuster or it could be part of a scam. John Huff is the director of the Missouri Department of Insurance."The biggest thing consumers should be aware of is if someone comes to the door offering to get more money for an insurance claim, for instance, or offering to make a repair for less than you think it should cost," said Huff.Huff wants consumers to be very cautious with public adjusters and verify that they have a license by contacting the Department of Insurance. He says if a deal or offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is."There are always some people that operate around the fringes, so people should just be cognizant that some people are out there that don't have their well-being at heart. So, they should just be aware of it," said Huff.Huff says filing an insurance claim is usually a smooth process, but if there are any problems call the Department of Insurance Hotline at 1-800-726-7390. For KSMU News, I’m Matt Evans.