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Dislocated Workers Attend Workshop

Several unemployed people in the Ozarks are a little more knowledgeable about searching for a job after a workshop Thursday in Springfield. KSMU’s Matt Evans has more.

About 20 people attended the free workshop for workers who have been laid off or who are searching for a job. Joan Smith is with the University of Missouri Extension, which hosted the workshop along with the Missouri Dislocated Workers Program.

“Most of the time they leave here after this two day workshop with confidence in themselves and really feeling positive about their future.”

Workers Thursday learned how to write a quality resume and how to do an effective interview.

“With knowledge is confidence. So when you express yourself confidently, it just goes as far as being able to be hired.”

The stories of those who attended the workshop varied. Royce, who didn’t want to give his last name, is nearly 60 and has been out of work since February. The Springfield resident worked for a bottling company for seven years before being laid off. He says the workshop helped him figure out what he was doing wrong during his job search.

“I’m definitely glad I came. It’s given me a lot of information that I hope will help me.”

Royce says he’d like to attend OTC and eventually get an environmental license for the Freon business. But he isn’t sure he has the funds.

“Since I’m just on my unemployment, I have to make real tight financial decisions on where that money goes and everything.”

Royce says the first thing he will do will be revise his resume and continue his search with newfound knowledge.

For KSMU News, I’m Matt Evans.