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Drury Students Deliver Box Fans to Missouri Hotel

Missouri Hotel

In comes the sweltering heat and on goes, for many Missourians, the air conditioner.But those who live in the Missouri Hotel, southwest Missouri’s largest homeless shelter, don’t have that luxury.On Thursday, a group of Drury University students decided to get the residents of the shelter some cool air.KSMU’s Erika Brame was at the Missouri Hotel when the students delivered fans to the homeless.

A group of Drury students in Dr. Jayne White’s class began one of their school projects in the only air conditioned room at the Missouri Hotel. White says once the students discovered that the other rooms were without A/C, they wanted to do something to help.“It just struck a chord with all of them. And they were saying we can do the family portraits but can we also raise some money for fans or could we give a few? And it was just kind of if we just do a few. And their thought was five or six would be great,” she said.

Nearly a week later, the class delivered 67 fans to give to the Missouri Hotel.Latoya Wren moved into the hotel Monday night as a resident.She’s four months pregnant and has never been homeless before.Wren says she’s grateful for the students’ thoughtfulness.

“I’m ecstatic; I’m still kind of trying to get over it,” she said.

White says the Missouri Hotel can’t install an air conditioning system since the building is so old.But she added it always welcomes more fans.For KSMU News, I’m Erika Brame.

The Missouri Hotel was the site for fan donations today. The Missouri Hotel is part of The Kitchen, Inc. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) These fans were among the first to arrive at the Missouri Hotel. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) 20 inch box fans were offered at a lowered price for those wishing to donate to the cause by local Lowe's. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Fans are stacked high as the first shipment arrives. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Papers warning about the dangers of heat exhaustion are to be handed out with each fan. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Fan donations were in such a high volume that multiple vehicles delivered them to the Missouri Hotel. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) A Drury University Graduate student helps to unload the fans. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) A stack is made outside the front doors to the Missouri Hotel, depicted here in the early stages of unloading. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) (photo credit: James Mulvenon) The fans are all placed outside the doors prior to being loaded into the Missouri Hotel, seen here following unloading. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Numerous fan and cash donations were made to support the cause. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Dr. Jayne White professor of SS 624 - Home, School, & Community at Drury University motions for her students to begin moving the fans inside the Missouri Hotel. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Drury University Graduate students who envisioned this fan drive carry the donations inside. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Students gather outside the hotel and take a few moments to reflect on the generosity of the community. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) Latoya Wren, a resident of the Missouri Hotel, expresses her gratitude. (photo credit: James Mulvenon) The students who initially conceptualized the fan drive pose with the first donation. (photo credit: James Mulvenon)