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Drury Students Return from Zambia

Four members of the Students in Free Enterprise or SIFE team from Drury University took a week-long trip to Zambia in March. While there, they set up a water filtration system for an orphanage. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

The group's leader was Candy Gentry, a former member of the Peace Corps who worked in Zambia and now runs a Springfield-based non-profit that does outreach to Zambia.

Gentry explains what she and students did once they arrived in the country.

Gentry says she believes the Drury students experienced something profound during this trip.

Gentry says it's easy to feel helpless in light of the profound needs in countries like Zambia where clean drinking water is scarce.

Drury's SIFE team has said they'd like this trip to be the beginning of their involvement with outreach projects in Africa.

  • CBOY, a Springfield-based outreach organization for Zambia