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Drury Takes Novel Approach To Alcohol Awareness


The syllabus for a Drury University course included a trip to the bar. Drury has started a course that educates students on alcohol in a way that they are able to grasp and apply to their own lives. KSMU’s Justin Lux has more.

Many college students encounter alcohol on a regular basis, but may not be well informed on the effects that it could have on them. Drury University is offering a course called Blue Jeans, Bubblegum and Beer: A Study of How Alcohol Influences our Culture. It is in its third year of educating students on handling alcohol responsibly.

Course instructor Ed Derr says his goal is not to shake his finger and say alcohol is bad, but to teach the class in a way that allows students to make their own decisions.

"I want students to come to their own meaning when deciding whether alcohol consumption is good or bad and the resulting implications of that," said Derr.

Derr says the course uses experts and field trips, including a trip to a bar, that allow the students to gain information not just from text books, but from real life experiences.

Students will look at the cultural and generational differences of alcohol use. They’ll also attend a St. Louis Cardinals game to observe the tendencies of fans who consume alcohol to see if there are any differences in how they watch a game.

For KSMU News, I'm Justin Lux.

photo credit: Sam Senovich photo credit: Sam Senovich photo credit: Sam Senovich (Photo credit: Alex Crowder)