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Eating Healthy While Traveling Can Be Difficult

Many people travel during the summer months which usually takes a toll on trying to keep a healthy diet. Eating right on vacation can be a difficult task for some. KSMU's Joe Morgan spoke with a local nutrition to gather tips for eating well while on the go.

Summer is the most popular vacation and traveling time in the United States and eating healthy while on the go can be difficult for many people. Nutrition and Health Education Specialist Terry Egan says that planning is the biggest factor in eating healthy.

Egan says that sticking to foods that contain certain ingredients is the best way to eat healthy while traveling.

Egan says that packing foods that are good for you will minimize the temptation of eating something else along the way. She offers a few recommendations for healthy consumption.

Egan also says that staying away from certain foods is a huge factor in continuing to eat healthy.

She also says that keeping your body active will help burn off some of the calories and keep a healthier trip as well.

During your travels this summer, Egan advises you to eat high fiber foods and stay away from foods high in sugar. Good luck and safe traveling. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.