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Education Bills High Priority in Lampe’s Pre-Filing

Although the Missouri House of Representatives doesn’t begin its next session until January 7, this week, representatives are beginning a process known as pre-filing. Sara Lampe, representative for the 138th district, filed 11 bills for the upcoming legislative session, many of them pertaining to education. KSMU’s Brett Moser reports.
Six out of Lampe’s 11 filed bills relate to changes in public education. Specifically, the bills address reforming Missouri’s special needs and gifted programs.Kelly Schultz, Lampe’s legislative assistant, says Lampe believes her proposed legislation ensures every public school student receives individual attention.One of her proposed bills, House Bill 76, would change the criteria regarding identification and assessment of children with autism spectrum disorders. In House Bill 72, Lampe wants to establish a requirement for school districts to create gifted education programs. Schultz says this bill would produce funding for such programs, whereas previously, the state has not been obligated to fund them. She says another one of Lampe’s education bills would lower the age children must attend Kindergarten from age seven to six, and would require that they be present for a full day. Even though these bills won’t be going to committee until the session start date, Schultz states that the purpose of pre-filing is to build coalitions for bills with other legislators. Pre-filing is also the time when a bill is assigned a specific bill number.For KSMU News, I’m Brett Moser.