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Emergency Officials Encourage 'Supply Kits'

September is National Preparedness Month. Emergency officials say that now, before the winter weather arrives, is a good time to think about preparing homes for a disaster. KSMU’s Ryan Welch has the story.

Greene County Public Information Officer Jenny Fillmer Edwards says being prepared is pretty easy. She also says residents can be ready for multiple types of emergencies if they follow the Office of Emergency Management’s plan.

“The types of emergencies that we’re most familiar with in Springfield and Greene County are tornadoes and flash floods and severe thunderstorms that might knock the power out. But, the 2007 ice storm is not too distant in many people’s memories and a lot of people in the area were without electricity for a week or more,” Edwards said.

Edwards says the plan consists of three parts: assembling a supply kit, making a plan for contacting family members, and staying informed on emergency information. The recommended items in a supply kit include food and water, any necessary medical supplies, flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit, food for pets, and a battery-powered radio.

Experts say it’s also important to have an emergency meeting place to meet up with family members. Also, it’s a good idea to designate an out-of-state relative to call and keep in touch with in case family members get separated.

To stay informed on emergency information, have a weather alert radio in your home. Also, it’s helpful to know CPR and basic first aid, and, in the event of a disaster, follow local media for important information.

For more information on emergency preparation, you can visit ksmu.org.

For KSMU News, I’m Ryan Welch.