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Engineering Firm Offers Help Understanding New FEMA Flood Maps

For some parts of Missouri, this is the first time that they’ve received flood maps produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Stan Schultz is with the firm Schultz and Summers Engineering. He says these new maps have caused problems for some homeowners, realtors and local governments.

“A lot of areas that had not been mapped previously are mapped now. It’s led to a lot of indecision and questions of specific homes and properties being in or out of a 100-year flood plain.”

These are important questions, according to Schulz, because whether or not a property is in a 100-year flood plain impacts insurance rates and whether or not a property owner can even get coverage from an insurance company.

“Our federal government has an insurance program. It’s strictly to insure people who own a home that’s within the boundaries of a drainage that could flood, where there’s a 1% chance in a given year that a flood could inundate that home. So, insurance companies have shied away from these homes but the federal government provides that insurance. The reason it’s important to find out whether you are or are not in a flood plain is your insurance rate is significantly less if you get an elevation certificate and prove you’re not in a flood plain.”

An engineer or surveyor can evaluate the elevation of a home or other structure. For more information on the seminar in Branson about the new flood maps, the number to call is 417-337-8820.