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European Soccer Stars Homesick Watching the Big Game

On Wednesday, members of a local soccer team gathered in a sports bar to watch one of Europe's biggest sporting events. For some, however the experience of watching from a different continent just wasn't the same. KSMU's Adam Hammons reports.

Imagine going to another country where your national sport just isn't appreciated the way it is back home. Imagine going to Europe during the Super Bowl.

That's exactly what many European soccer players and fans have to do when they come to America.

The match between Manchester United and Barcelona was the main event at Quincy Magoo's sports bar in Springfield. To people overseas, this was a big deal, according to Lance Stimpson, left midfielder with the Springfield Demize, and a native of London, England.

"Yeah, I'd say 90% of people are into it, you've got younge children, middle age people, older people, you've got women, (and) young girls. Everyone's into it, soccer is a massive sport," Stimpson said.

And so yyou can understand the disappointment and the longing for home whenever the excitement around you is somewhat subdued. Emmanuel Adewole of the Springfield Demize, also from London explains.

"It just isn't as much, the game is slower, there's no anxiety there. The fans want to get involved and stuff like that. I think there has to be improvement in that aspect, that's the difference really," Adewole said.

Even though it was a different experience, both Englishmen cheered and celebrated as if they were home.

The game ended up being a loss for the English team of Manchester United.

For KSMU I'm Adam Hammons