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Fair Hours Have Changed Due to the Heat

Midway now opens at 4

Because of the intense heat, the Ozark Empire Fair’s Midway hours have been changed.  Fairgrounds General Manager Elvin Dunn says rides will open at 4 instead of 1 pm throughout the duration of the fair.  Gates will remain open until midnight, and the Midway will stay open until 1 am…

"With the triple digit temperatures that they're forecasting, for safety reasons, by delaying the Midway, it still won't be cool, but it's better than 1 o'clock."

Today's Free Ride Day (8/3)--from 11 am to 3 pm--will go on as scheduled.

Those who aren’t going to let the heat keep them from the fair will find ways to cool off…

"Some of the things we have at the fair for cooling off-- we have misting stations out on the fair grounds, misting tents, umbrellas, and then we have some events that go on in air conditioned buildings--in the E-Plex.  We have the Kids Zone, we have the commercial exhibits, we have the Family Living exhibits--the entries of the quilts, the pies, the photography, etc.  So, there are some events that are in the air conditioned building."  

Future fairgoers will have a shadier fair to enjoy.  While they’re too small now to provide much relief, a shade tree initiative last spring resulted in the planting of more than 75 new trees at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.