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Faith Group Hosts Free Veterans Fair

Today Springfield’s Victory Mission hosted a Veterans Fair to honor Veteran’s in the area. KSMU’s Katie Easley went to Victory Mission and has details on how they recognized local Veterans.

The Veteran’s Fair at Victory Mission began with a flag raising and prayer ceremony. Victory Mission also showed its appreciation for local veterans by bringing together organizations that provide services geared towards veterans’ needs. Pastor Rob Helfer is the Chaplain for Springfield’s Victory Mission and says events like this are crucial for the well-being of those men and women who have sacrificed for their fellow citizens.

“A lot of the guys that come that are here are disabled for one reason or another and it’s just hard for them to get around. What we did is we brought all the groups in like social security, vocational rehab, and the DAV van and places like that. Also, the veteran’s affairs. And brought them here to the victory square and had a really nice flag raising prayer and had a really nice breakfast to honor our vets,” says Helfer.

Vietnam War Veteran Mike Mora served in the Navy and he attended the ceremony this morning. He says events like this can instill hope in veterans struggling after leaving the military.

“Today what we had here was really great. We had the flag raising ceremony which is ceremonial more or less. It’s a day to reflect back to what every man who’s put the uniform on what he’s done. And it’s a way of saying thank you for it, and I know the men appreciate that,” says Mora.

Haircuts, as well as health and wellness information were provided at the event as well as a free breakfast.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.