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Flooding Could Be a Problem in the Ozarks This Week

John Kurtz, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, says a large-scale storm system is moving across the Central U.S. off the Colorado Front Range...

"Right now it's moving across the Southern Plains across Oklahoma and down in through Texas, and it's actually developing thunderstorms out there as we speak this morning.  As that system moves closer to the Ozarks region we're going to see rain start to develop early this afternoon into late afternoon hours.  We'll have rain basically--continuous rainfall and thunderstorms through the afternoon, through the evening and overnight into Tuesday even."

According to Kurtz, the storm system is expected to dump a lot of rain on the Ozarks...

"We're looking at storm total precip of amounts between about three to six inches maybe even up to eight inches down across far southwest Missouri between now and Wednesday." 

A flood watch is in effect this afternoon through Wednesday evening in Southern and Central Missouri.  A flash flood watch is in effect this evening through Wednesday morning in Northern Arkansas.

There’s a risk for some severe weather tonight—mainly a hail and wind risk.  But Kurtz says the heavy rainfall is the main threat...

"Down in the Ozarks we have a lot of low water crossings.  We don't have bridges--we have roads that just go right through creeks and small streams and even some small rivers, and we have to advise people just do not drive into any flooded roadways especially urban flooding within like cities of Joplin, Springfield, down in Branson, just don't drive into any flooded roadways whether you think your car can make it or not.  It doesn't take a lot of water to pick up a car and move it even a large truck for that matter." 

Kurtz says to stay on top of what’s happening with the weather by listening to local media and by checking weather.gov/Springfield.  To check road conditions, go to modot.gov.