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Food Bank Unveils Mobile Food Pantry

Ozarks Food Harvest Truck

Ozarks Food Harvest, the largest food bank in Southwest Missouri, unveiled its second mobile food pantry Thursday. KSMU's Katie Easley reports.

The organization serves 29 counties and feeds over 50,000 people in Southwest Missouri each month.

Bart Brown, the executive director for Ozarks Food Harvest, says the idea for a mobile food pantry started in 2007.

Brown says the concept is to deliver the food directly from the truck so that you don't need a physical location.

The new mobile food pantry is refrigerated and will allow the food bank to distribute over three times as much food per day as before.

The Rotary Clubs of Springfield and Nixa came together to help fund this project. The new mobile food pantry was on display at the Oasis convention center.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.

The Ozarks Food Harvest warehouse holds many crowded aisles of food awaiting swift delivery to the needy. (photo credit: Sam Senovich) The Ozarks Food Harvest headquarters at 615 N. Glenstone is also the site of its expansive warehouse. (photo credit: Sam Senovich) The new mobile unit is on display at the banquet held at the Oasis Convention Center. (photo credit: Sam Senovich) Ozarks Food Harvest Communications Coordinator Matt Petcoff explains that the new mobile unit is the orginization's first capable of refridgerated transport. (photo credit: Sam Senovich) Servers prepare tables before the banquet celebrating the acquisition of the Ozarks Food Harvest's new mobile unit.(photo credit: Sam Senovich)