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Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Signs Books in Springfield

Former Vice Presidential Candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stopped in Springfield this morning to visit hundreds of fans and sign copies of her new book “Going Rogue.” KSMU’s Kristian Kriner reports.

Hundreds of Sarah Palin fans cheered and clapped as the former governor stepped off her tour bus which was parked outside of Borders in Springfield.

Many people waiting to get into the store for the book signing had been camped outside the store since Tuesday.

Cynthia Burington says she got in line at 9:00 last night, so her son could talk to Palin.“There was probably about 75 people here when I got here. People started filing in. It started getting busy around 1:30 and it kept getting more and more crowded. We had a heater and sleeping bags, so we stayed warm,” Burington said.

Burington’s 15 year old son, Erik, says he was a volunteer for Palin’s campaign last year and had the chance to meet her.

He says he’s a Palin fan, because she supports children with special needs.

“Thanks her for advocating for special needs children, because I, myself, have autism and I think that’s something politics needs more of is advocating for special needs children,” Burington said.

Not everyone at the book signing was a supporter of Palin.

Tracy Blevins came all the way from New York City to protest Palin and her book signing.

Blevins says she believes Palin’s son, Trig, is not her biological son.

She says she believes Palin’s daughter Bristol had the baby instead.

“She puts herself out to be this fantastic mother and she’s literally not the mother she claims to be,” Blevins said.

Blevins says she might follow the former governor to her next few book signings in Arkansas and Texas as well.

Among the first people leaving Borders with their signed copy of “Going Rogue” was Monty Maples and her sister.

Maples says she got to Borders at 7:30 last night and her sister had been waiting in line since 5:00 yesterday.

She says Palin actually chatted with her a little, making the book signing more personal.

“Very rewarding, it was worth the trip. She took the time to talk to us. I know she is a very busy lady and we’re grateful for that,” Maples said.

Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin will also be speaking at 7:00pm tonight at College of the Ozarks, but there are no tickets available.

For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.

People waiting for Sarah Palin to arrive at Borders. Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin's book The book signing line went through half of the Borders store. Cynthia Burington and her son Erik wait to see Palin. Erik met Palin last year at Bass Pro Shops. Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin shakes peoples' hands outside of Borders. Palin signs copies of her new book Monty Maples' signed copy of Palin's book.