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Foundation Gives $150,000 To Springfield Schools

The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools distributed more than $150,000 Tuesday across the entire Springfield Public School district. KSMU's Jamie Givens reports.
Each school in the district received funding as part of the School Improvement Plan.
In addition, the foundation gave out more than $100,000 in grants as part of the Back to School campaign.
Natalie Murdock is the development director for the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools.
“Of the 62 grants that we awarded today, 21 of those grants are for technology items like SmartBoards and computers, 22 grants were for classroom equipment, books, computer software, and 19 of those grants were for special projects in the classroom,” Murdock said.

Murdock says the money awarded to the schools comes from donations from individuals and businesses in the community.

The Foundation for Springfield Public Schools is a non-profit organization created to help raise money for the school district.
Murdock says donations are down slightly this year compared to past years, but the foundation is still satisfied with the amount of contributions.
“Every year, the district just sees more and more needs, and these teachers have to reach their students in more and more creative ways. So, the need is really always there. And we had a great group of donors this year that really stepped up to the challenge,” Murdock said.
Murdock says the schools will be able to put this money to good use immediately.
To learn more about the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools, you can visit our website at KSMU.org.
For KSMU News, I’m Jamie Givens.Foundation for Springfield Public Schools Website