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Foundation for Springfield Public Schools Awards $148K

Schools all around the country are looking for ways to ensure that their students have the necessary resources to receive the best education possible. Through community engagement, the Springfield Public Schools has a major ally in this ongoing fight for better quality education. KSMU’s Shane Franklin has this story.

On Thursday, the Foundation for Springfield Public Schools issued nearly $150,000 in grants to local teachers and principals in their effort to bridge the gap between funding and learning for area students. This total is up by nearly $8,000 from last year.

Natalie Murdock is the Development Director for the Foundation. She says this wouldn’t be possible without the support of generous donors.

“We have spent all summer long raising funds for this program, and we receive support from individuals and businesses across the community. One of our big partners this year, and in the past three years, has been the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. They help provide dollars for collaboration and high impact projects.”

Murdock says Pipkin Middle School received grants for 10 projects, totaling nearly $20,000. Some of these projects include empowering at-risk students, improving the drama club, promoting a color therapy program, and supporting the Anchor: Pipkin Pirate Media Program.

Other schools to receive funding for several projects through the Back to School program include Delaware, Glendale, and Phelps.

Murdock says that the Foundation is still accepting donations, and will continue to award grants for students in the Springfield Public Schools through the end of the year.

For KSMU News, I’m Shane Franklin.