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Getting Rid of That Old Sofa? Recycle Bins Around MSU Allow Students to Donate Used Items

Getting Rid of That Old Sofa? Recycle Bins Around MSU Allow Students to Donate Used Items
Here is one recycling bin located in the lobby of Sunvilla Apartments. Others are scattered throughout the room. Photo credit: KSMU

The academic semester is winding to a close for college students. As they prepare to move out of their residence halls, apartments or rental homes, some have furniture or other knickknacks they don’t want to take with them. As KSMU's Rebekah Clark reports, a university has come up with a solution to keep students from littering the sidewalks with these items. 

“It’s the week of finals here on the Missouri State University campus in central Springfield. Directly behind stands the student housing Sunvilla Apartments, where young scholars are packing up their belongings, and getting ready to head out for the summer. This year, the university made it easier for students living adjacent to campus to recycle belongings they don’t want to take with them back home. The campus placed recycling bins directly in the lobby of Sunvilla Apartments for students to drop off their unwanted items. At the end of this week, those items will be donated to charity.”

“This year, all of the donated items that are actually the items that students aren’t wanting to take home are going to The Kitchen. That is a wide variety of things that they will accept.”

Gary Stewart is the director of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services at MSU.

“Whether that be futons, chairs, beanbags, linens, clothing, nonperishable food items…they will even take things like the plastic sets of drawers that students might add to their residence hall room,” Stewart says.

"The Kitchen" is a non-profit charitable organization in Springfield. It serves the homeless and hungry through shelters and food programs.

MSU is also collecting unused bottled toiletry items, like shampoo, lotion, deodorant and laundry detergent. Students can even donate their used textbooks.

This program has been going on for a few years, Stewart says. This year, the school expanded it to include the housing adjacent to campus, like Sunvilla Apartments and Kentwood Hall.

“We don’t have nearly as much trash leaving campus as we used to. We would put a large 20 or 40 yard roll-off at every residence hall and they would be filled three or four times during the course of move-out with just bulky items that right now we’re recycling and able to put back into use for somebody,” Stewart says.

If students are interested in donating their items this week, they can drop bulky or large items, like rugs, wardrobes or dressers at the veranda underneath the Blair-Shannon Tower. That’s across from the bookstore and Taylor Health and Wellness Center on campus. There, they'll also find bins for donating smaller items.

MSU also has bins in every residence hall lobby.

For KSMU News, I’m Rebekah Clark.