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Giraffe Calf Born at Dickerson Park Zoo


One of the giraffes at Dickerson Park Zoo became a mother last week after giving birth to a calf.  KSMU’s Matthew Barnes has details.

Reporter Standup: “I’m standing now in the Africa section of the Dickerson Park Zoo where they keep the lions and warthogs.  Although most of the interaction I’ve had so far are with the park’s feistier ducks.  Many families are out here to spend a nice afternoon with their children and also visit the parks newest addition, a baby giraffe born only several days ago.”

“Its mother is Kamili and she is almost twelve and she has been here several years actually since she was a fairly young giraffe,” says Arnold.

That was Melinda Arnold who works for the Dickerson Park Zoo.

“The father for this calf is Stretch who is now deceased he died in December,” says Arnold.

Stretch Jr, is the sixth calf from Kamili. Arnold says Kamili had no problems delivering and the calf is healthy. 

“Everything looks really great so far. He stood up verily quickly after birth which is always a great sign. And he is very closely bonded to mom, is doing a great job nursing so he is getting all of the nutrition that he needs and seems to be doing very very well. He’s very active, he’s up a lot over the course of the day so the zoo guest that are here get to see him up and around,” says Arnold.

There are no plans yet for the permanent location of Stretch Jr. 

For KSMU News I’m Matthew Barnes.