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Governor Nixon Says Manufacturing is Alive and Well in Missouri Despite Plant Closing

Regal Beloit
Regal-Beloit’s Springfield plant along Sunshine Street. (Photo credit: Scott Harvey, KSMU)


Regal-Beloit has three other plants in Missouri with a total of 20 in the United States.  Company spokesman John Perino says none of the other Missouri plants will be affected.

Regal-Beloit says it plans to transfer the manufacturing of motors and components from Springfield to other Regal facilities in the U.S. and Mexico over the next 18 months.

The company says consolidating operations will allow it to remain globally competitive and reduce variation between its manufacturing plants.

Regal-Beloit says it will help employees find other jobs and will explore possible transfers to jobs in other Regal facilities.

Governor Jay Nixon says the company has not yet filed the formal paperwork for closure with the state, but once it does the Department of Economic Development will begin working with employees to help them find work.  He says they’ll also work with local economic development officials to get the facility back in use as quickly as possible.

Despite the planned closure, Nixon says manufacturing has been a pretty good sector for the state the last few years.

 “I think that manufacturing is alive and well.  We certainly don’t feel good about this, but I think you’re gonna continue to see advanced manufacturing be a place of growth for us.  It’s really important for us to have those world markets, and, while this is not good news,  I would say though on the manufacturing front we have seen solid growth especially in that auto and air sector,” he said.

Nixon hopes they’ll be able to transfer some of the skilled workers at the Regal-Beloit Springfield plant into the growth areas coming into Missouri’s manufacturing area.  He says the workers can benefit from having OTC and Missouri State nearby.