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Governor Recommends Welfare Programs Get Largest Funding Increase

Welfare programs get the largest increase in the budget that Governor Matt Blunt unveiled Wednesday night during his State of the State Address. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

During his State of the State Address last year, Governor Matt Blunt laid out a budget that cut Medicaid eligibility...This year, his budget doesn't restore any of those cuts but it does provide more funding for the program.

And that one of the most enthusiastic reactions the governor received during his speech but it came exclusively from Republicans.

As for the governor's pointed question to those who opposed last year's Medicaid cuts, Democratic Senator Pat Dougherty says it's a fair question.

At a press conference after the governor's address, Senate Democratic Leader Maida Coleman said even though the governor is recommending a funding increase for Medicaid, some people are still going without healthcare.

In his State of the State Address, Governor Matt Blunt reiterated his belief that even with the Medicaid cuts, the state still provides a generous program.

Some Republican legislative leaders have indicated they'll support restoring the ticket to work program for the disabled, something lawmakers cut last year.

The governor's budget does not restore the program.

House Speaker Rod Jetton says he believes the governor will support efforts to bring back ticket to work.

Now that the governor has released his budget proposal, it's up to lawmakers to decide which parts they'll approve and which parts they'll modify.